5 days of home owning

I will be the first to admit that I did not know what I was in for before we moved into this house. I had all these visions of foyers, crown moldings, and new furniture. In reality it's more like plumbing issues, black widows, and bare windows. Lets just say my priorities have changed. Don't get me wrong I am LOVING having so much space and being able to finally decorate. Here are some things that are to be tackled asap...

(picture clearly not necessary)

Obviously this fridge doesn't fit in that space. It sticks out about 6 inches which is compromising the not so wide entry way. This problem will hopefully be tackled this week...

This is the Den. Currently inhabited by the Crate & Barrel aftermath. We have nothing for this room as of yet and as you can see this is a pretty decent sized room so it will require a decent amount of furniture. A friend mentioned the idea of converting it into a dance floor for the time being, sounds good to me.

This is the front window, it's a doozy. Currently it is the stage inwhich we are performing on for all of our neighbors and passerbys. There is another window a bit smaller on the adjacent wall facing our next door neighbor.These need to be covered pronto, before we scare off all of our neighbors even before we meet them.

The fireplace (if you can see it behind all the randomness). Exposed brick ain't my thang. Unless it is painted. Which is what we planned on doing last weekend. However Cam got cold feet "because once you paint the brick you can never go back", well that's the point. He told me that my style changes often and I informed him that this was never my style nor will it ever be, unless he buys me a mountain house inwhich case I might consider it. So now we might tile it or go back to the original idea of painting it. Either way the process will be documented.

Oh hey there Lionel.

Lionel wants to go outside.
But he can't. Not yet at least. Quick bio of Lionel (last name Richie): When we moved into our rental house 2 years ago he started wandering up to our house, he was the neighborhood stray. Being a general animal lover (and yes that includes cats) I started taking care of him, which led to him coming into the house (which Cam was not ok with) and eventually spending the night in the house and all that goes along with it. Basically he became our cat. And contrary to reports we did NOT steal him from a neighbor. So Lionel made the move to the new house and cannot go outside for a few weeks, he has to become acculmated with the new digs and then can venture outdoors. Which will be nerve racking. But in the meantime he has been making his displeasure in this arrangement known, he is very vocal and basically has been yelling at us for the past 3 nights.

I also mentioned Black Widows, apparently at least three have been spotted around the house. Most likely because the house has'nt be inhabited in a couple of years. So until the little problem has been taken care of I will be residing indoors.

Happy Hump Day. This is my mantra for the day.

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