Rock to Water

We did it! All crisis averted, problems solved, papers signed, load of bricks taken off back. Friday we closed on the house and started the move. I say we, but it was mostly Cam. We had some disagreement on just how much weight I was willing and able to hold... I agree and am willing to carry things under 30 pounds. We moved the whole weekend and since we only moved about a mile and have until the end of the month to get out of our current house we are taking our time, oh wait actually I am taking my time (this is where Cam disagrees). Regardless we made some head way and actually slept there last night. Highlights of the weekend included Cam cutting down his first tree, a trip to Ikea, dinner al fresco at a friend's house, and finding a pair of moldy booties in my closet. I was secretly fasicnated by this but also disgusted, who knew shoes could get moldy?

I'm going to miss those shoes we had some good times together and I apologize for the graphic image. Honestly though how does that even happen to shoes? I promise I don't have some disgusting foot fungus. I leave you with the face that stole a thousand hearts (sans goggles this time).

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