I got my shiz done this weekend, the majority of it anyways. At one point I thought about going all the way and finishing every little thing off of my to-do list but then I got hungry and then distracted with watching the entire Weeds final season. Baby steps people.
So this happened.

Just primed it but that was a big deal here.

And pretty much the only home improvement worth reporting that was made. We did find this big boy to replace the nugget in the Living Room.

I'm not feeling it's current paint job. Suggestions?? Seriously tell me, I'm having painter's block.

How great of a color are these carnations? They make me so happy.

But a sleeping dog who spends the majority of her day literally "under foot" makes me even happier.

I must share another favorite thing about Fall. The TV. I'm aware I have mentioned watching TV twice in this post and I promise I actually engage in other extracurricular activities. But seriously in the Spring your favorite shows end and leave you to watching stale re-runs (or I guess this is when you would turn the TV off and live your life while not sitting on your couch). But then Fall rolls around and everything is NEW and there is reason not to go to bed at 9:30.

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  1. Ummmmm you have a blog! I am totally stalking you and I am going to need you to start posting on the reg. Pretty please!