Making Strides

 Ikea is no joke. This why you get married.

thanks Cam.

Things have been hectic around here. I feel like I would need to take an entire week off of work to get the house in a state that would make me feel relaxed in. But a week off of work would be a death wish. I find myself thinking about things I want to do when I get home all throughout the day but then when I actually get home I have lost all motivation. Not good. Need more coffee, less wine. Although there have been developments.

Found this mirrored table in a consignment shop. Love her.
Washed some rugs and Cam finally let me put them back in house, which reduced the echo down about 20%
Finally hung something on a wall. I have hanger's remorse quickly, so I'm moving slow. Thought I was so clever with this trio (pics from when we saw eachother before the wedding)
L.R. made the transistion to the outdoors. We are all much, much happier.

Sorry for the dullness. I'm going to rev it up today and hopefully have something much better to report. I feel like there could be real progress made tonight. I'm already on my fourth cup of coffee......

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