Indecent Exposure

One of the things I first liked about our house was the size of the Living Room and Den.
However lately it's been driving me crazy. Long, large rooms = lots of floor. 
So - much - hardwood - can - not - take- it - ANYMORE!! 

Clearly we are also are also crucially in need of more furniture, art, new paint and trim, drapes and to get that ceiling fan the hell out of there. 
Sure some people live with bare floors but every sound in the house is amplified and there is a constant urge/need to sweep. Rugs the size of these rooms aren't cheap and since there would be so much of it I want something that I won't get sick of looking at. I have finally come to a solution. It literally was under my nose the whole time (like seriously I have stacks of these books at my desk).
SEAGRASS, SISAL, JUTE, whatever you fancy. I was afraid these would make my rooms look too Pottery Barn/vacation home, but due to my extensive studying I'm finally starting to understand what clearly everyone else already knew - it looks awesome everywhere with every decor.

You can also find it practically anywhere and at every price point. I can't get them in my house fast enough. Although due to my current...ahem...budgeting, they're going to be coming one at a time.
That saying "all good things come with time" has been waaay over used in this house -- nothing like being an impatient person with a strict budget, in a near empty house.

Marley on the other hand, has all the time in world.

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