Second time's a charm...

This is my second attempt at entering the blogosphere. This time my thoughts are more organized (for the most part) and things are actually happening in my life that are somewhat interesting (to me at least). The plan is for this blog to provide me with a more detailed account of my life, because honestly my memory is not what it used to be and hopefully by blogging I WILL remember what I did last Tuesday. The following are some important tidbits to be aware of:
Photo via Caroline Ghetes
   I married my best friend this past May. It's all lollipops and sunshine, most of the time... but what can I say it's tough when you're the one in relationship who is always right.

This is Marley she is flat out amazing. I'm not just saying that because she belongs to me and I love her wittle scrunchy face, she literally is world class amazing people. Complete strangers tell me this pretty much on a daily basis. Yes, that is a slobber bubble one of her many amazing talents.

This is our most recent purchase. It be cute. Roses in the front yard? check. Big back yard for Marley to romp and roll? check. Non-scary bathrooms? check. Good bones? check. Work to be done?
check. check. check.

photos via Pinterest
Things like these make me swoon.

photo via ?
Things like this are ridiculous and I love it.