Happy Chic

Jonathan Adler has a line out for JCPenney called Happy Chic. Prices are good and the colors are bright. Tons of bedding and fun home accessories.

These are my favorites from the line:




Of course I love custom window treatments, but sometimes you just can't beat some pre fab panels.
I wanted some sheers for my den and just stumbled across these West Elm look-a-likes:

                  JcPenney Kya Rod Pocket Shears                     West Elm Ikat Ogee Linen Window Panel
                       $17-28 per panel - on sale                                             $69- $99 per panel


In Living Color

Foyer Status:   PAINTED
Paint Color: Naval - Sherwin Williams  

Woke up early Saturday morning and knocked this out. 


Looks so much better. It is now the only room in our house that isn't drab beige and quickly becoming my favorite room because of that. Next up is to have Cam build a table and have a skirt made, add some crown molding, change out the fixture and switch the rug out. 
Progress is amazing.

Yesterday was Cam's birthday- I satisfied his inner 9 year old with a 
Dairy Queen ice cream cake.



We experienced our first married Valentine's.
Let's just say we are having a re-do tonight at 5Church, due to an issue I am ashamed of 
but am currently working on...

I get really

On a more positive note I managed to whip up some valentines,
 very reminiscent of elementary school.

In other news, IT'S FRIDAY! I'm pretty sure ad-mist my hunger pains last night I convinced Cam to let me paint our foyer this weekend, so hopefully that will actually happen. I gave up on the wallpaper idea after it dawned on me that it's not in the budget and probably won't be for a few years...so I've moved on to this:
Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue

Seen here and here and here

We also will be celebrating these two crazy kid's ENGAGEMENT!!!
(click link to see their epic love story)

Baubles&Cocktails: In the Spirit of Love...



I admit that I watched this show religiously, mostly alone because 
nobody else would ever watch it with me.

I'm sorry I'm not sorry I thought it was hilarious.