We experienced our first married Valentine's.
Let's just say we are having a re-do tonight at 5Church, due to an issue I am ashamed of 
but am currently working on...

I get really

On a more positive note I managed to whip up some valentines,
 very reminiscent of elementary school.

In other news, IT'S FRIDAY! I'm pretty sure ad-mist my hunger pains last night I convinced Cam to let me paint our foyer this weekend, so hopefully that will actually happen. I gave up on the wallpaper idea after it dawned on me that it's not in the budget and probably won't be for a few years...so I've moved on to this:
Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue

Seen here and here and here

We also will be celebrating these two crazy kid's ENGAGEMENT!!!
(click link to see their epic love story)

Baubles&Cocktails: In the Spirit of Love...

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