I got my shiz done this weekend, the majority of it anyways. At one point I thought about going all the way and finishing every little thing off of my to-do list but then I got hungry and then distracted with watching the entire Weeds final season. Baby steps people.
So this happened.

Just primed it but that was a big deal here.

And pretty much the only home improvement worth reporting that was made. We did find this big boy to replace the nugget in the Living Room.

I'm not feeling it's current paint job. Suggestions?? Seriously tell me, I'm having painter's block.

How great of a color are these carnations? They make me so happy.

But a sleeping dog who spends the majority of her day literally "under foot" makes me even happier.

I must share another favorite thing about Fall. The TV. I'm aware I have mentioned watching TV twice in this post and I promise I actually engage in other extracurricular activities. But seriously in the Spring your favorite shows end and leave you to watching stale re-runs (or I guess this is when you would turn the TV off and live your life while not sitting on your couch). But then Fall rolls around and everything is NEW and there is reason not to go to bed at 9:30.


Do Work

 I love the Fall. But it brings on the arch nemesis of home projects. Football. Two games in 24 hours does not produce pictures of completed projects but these are just as good.

My List for this weekend. I'm not going anywhere and I have no plans, shiz is getting done.
1. Paint Fireplace
2. Look for new sofa
3. Hang curtains 
4. Find mirror for Foyer
All completely do-able but if you don't hear from me on Monday that is because I will be ashamed of myself.

In my spare time (when I won't be watching re-runs of RHONJ before next weeks finale, quality TV I tell you) I'm going to try and knock out these two projects. 

Today marks 4 months in. 
I really likes him.


Making Strides

 Ikea is no joke. This why you get married.

thanks Cam.

Things have been hectic around here. I feel like I would need to take an entire week off of work to get the house in a state that would make me feel relaxed in. But a week off of work would be a death wish. I find myself thinking about things I want to do when I get home all throughout the day but then when I actually get home I have lost all motivation. Not good. Need more coffee, less wine. Although there have been developments.

Found this mirrored table in a consignment shop. Love her.
Washed some rugs and Cam finally let me put them back in house, which reduced the echo down about 20%
Finally hung something on a wall. I have hanger's remorse quickly, so I'm moving slow. Thought I was so clever with this trio (pics from when we saw eachother before the wedding)
L.R. made the transistion to the outdoors. We are all much, much happier.

Sorry for the dullness. I'm going to rev it up today and hopefully have something much better to report. I feel like there could be real progress made tonight. I'm already on my fourth cup of coffee......