Shelf Help

I have encountered a familiar dilemna. Much like the old house we are having a storage problem. This time we have closet space for the stuff nobody wants to look at but we don't have any space for the things I want to show off and make my house more beautimous.
Point being, we need some serious shelving situations happening in here. Built-ins are a far away dream right now so I've been scouting out units this week that will get my shiz off the floor and into the limelight.


more realistic.
Those last 2 are the IKEA Vittsjo, it comes in black metal but is easily transformed into a showcase with a little spray paint magic and only $70 a pop. I have to give myself a pat on the back for actually thinking this up after Friday's post and boom there it was on Pinterest of course. This will definitely be happening soon.
And there was this guy I found on the Craigslist he needed some lovin.
Planning on sprucing him up with possibly a new paint color, a little trim detailing and definitely new hardware. I think we will be very happy together.

In other news:
Long Live the Queen.

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