Foyers & Dumpster Diving

Coming from a teeny-tiny nugget of a house that didn't have a foyer, it's the first room I want to tackle (as this will be a one room at a time, slow process type of home renovation). It's wee but it's defintely capable of making an impression. Since it it the first room people will enter, it has to be a knock out. I'm envisioning a fabulous orange wallpaper and killer lighting.

                                                                             Layout  via  Stlmag.com

Although I could go for this turquoise and green color combo which is pretty awesome with the painted stripe floor. But I'm pretty sure painting floors will most likely never be ok with Cam... who believes natural wood is beautiful and should never be altered in any capacity (preview to the kitchen reno debate...). Also love this painted orange wall with black border detail very nice, very do-able.

In other news I found 2 Adirondack Rockers on the street out front of my neighbors house. Seemed to be in pretty decent shape other than the fact they were dirty and needed a paint job, so I dragged them home and gussied them up (used Valspar Satin Spray Paint in Avocado).

                                                               I spoke too soon.

Cam sat in this one (luckily the unfinished one) they might need a little reinforcement...

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